Pure organic lavender Hydrolat is the water fraction that is formed during the steam distillation of lavender. The hydrolat has calming and soothing properties just like the essential oil of lavender. It works refreshing, calming, astringent, purifying, anti-inflammatory. It is an excellent calming solution for sunburn, minor burns and inflammation of the skin. You can spray the liquid on the face (close your eyes) as well as on the body.It has a soothing effect in case of insect bites or contact with e.g. irritating plants.

The hydrolat can be used for all types of skin. It is also perfect for use in daily skin care as toner. It cleanses, removes impurities and moisturizes the skin. It can even be used with acne.

With greasy hair you can also use it after the shampoo. Spray lavender hydrolat on your hair and let it rest for a minute before you dry it.

In addition to all the positive properties on our skin, the hydrolat, like the essential oil, also has a refreshing and relaxing effect on our mind. Spray it for instance on your pillowcase, in the room or use it in an evaporator.



100 ml